Friday, May 1, 2009

Dance of Democracy

We are done with the 3rd phase of polling for general elections 2009. Even in this phase we have seen just about 50 % voters turnout which is hugely disappointing.Do we really need someone to tell us that we need to VOTE ??? Do we really need Ads by various productions,some very dramatic,to convince us that we need to VOTE???

What a shame !!! Have we become so dead that someone has to wake us up from our deep sleep and make us realize that we need to exercise the biggest right of a democracy?
The answer is YES.
But if you ask me if i was really surprised by low Voter turnout, i would say NO.

After 26/11, i was most interested in seeing how the voters of Mumbai will respond.Especially after so much of drama and show of solidarity by either shouting provocative slogans and lighting thousands of candles(read biggest drama of all). We saw some of the biggest losers say some very provocative Stuffs and abuse our politicians.But my question is politicians have not come from Mars.They are one of us.We have chosen them to run our nation.Most of us who come on camera and say so many idealistic things does not even care to Vote.

It has become more of a habit to blame someone else for all our problems. It is time we look deep inside ourselves and start acting instead of just saying.our little little steps can change the world for others. Just think of it and start contributing.

"To Love is to Risk not being Loved in return. To Hope is to Risk Pain. To try is to Risk Failure, but Risk must be taken because the greatest Hazard in life is to Risk nothing"