Saturday, August 31, 2013

How Old is Old Enough !!!

Old Enough to Rape ... Old Enough to be Hanged !!!

simple... isn't it ? 

And for the pseudo Child right activists...

Please help those children who are charged with crimes like pickpocketing, stealing food and other petty crimes. These categories can be justified with Poorness and lack of parenting arguments.

Anyone who commits Rape and Murder can't be given luxury of being a Juvenile.

Laws should be pressed and enacted in Objectivity by analyzing the crime and circumstances.

Simply following the written codes and procedures without applying our minds objectively on case to case basis defeats the very purpose of having humans in position to decide.

If we can not make the distinction between petty crimes and heinous crimes and if we can not make distinction between a desparate child committing petty crimes like stealing food or pickpocketing and a dangerous mind committing heinous crimes like Rape and Murder, then better have COMPUTERS deciding cases.

I am ashamed today of our system who lets go of a criminal who Raped and Killed a girl, ruined dreams and lives of a family.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bleeding Humanity

Another day same old story.

Country woke up to disturbing news of a Photojournalist gang raped in broad daylight in South Mumbai, yes you are reading it right South Bombay.  

We have to find some stronger word than Deja Vu to express our Exasperation and Disgust at the Rapes happening day n Night in our society. 

MUMBAI no longer being a safe city for our girls has a lot to with it not being BOMBAY.

1. BOMBAY used to be bustling in night and because we had people (Men and Women) in streets so Crime was lesser.

2. MUMBAI has become synonymous with Moral and Ethical policing. We beat up couples,raid and beat up people in Pubs,Dance Bars and so on... End Result being people are scared to come out and streets are deserted.

DESERTED streets are not good for safety and it is one of the main reasons for crimes like these happening.

I have seen and heard of Bombay where Girls/Boys can be seen at 3-4 am in the morning coming back after movies or parties.

I have seen and heard of Bombay where students/working women would return home late in night using Public transports or Auto Rickshaws.

Having said this about Mumbai let me also put it on record that it is not only in Delhi or Mumbai or big metros.

It is happening in every nook and corner of our country.

We as a society have plummeted to such lows that every time such incident happens we think we can't get any worse and guess what we keep surprise ourselves with such devilish inhuman acts.

We are extremely Hypocritical Society.

One one hand we worship women in various forms like Sita/Durga/Sarashwati and so on for Posturing and on the other hand we Molest/Rape/Burn/Kill our Mothers/Sisters/Daughters/Wives.   

Lastly and most importantly let me say it again


Lets start educating BOYS to respect women by setting examples from our home. 

Show this to your young boys by respecting Mothers/Wives/Daughters of the family and Boys will grow up having these values.

Let's try and build a safer country for our Girls.