Saturday, December 20, 2008

Political Circus

When i saw a sea of people finally taking to roads after 26\11 , i had little doubt that this is much more than just showing solidarity with the families of victims. The anger within clearly demanded concrete actions against the perpetrators and not just political blame game.Even after about a month of that dastardly attack on our people where are we in terms of bringing them to book?

When can we really expect a government to see us all as Indians and not as Minorities and Majorities?
Why we always tend to give each and every issue a religious angle?
Is it just for the so called Vote Bank?

But what can we really expect of a government which waits for these kinds of attacks so that it can come up with a hard Anti-Terror law. The political will and resolve is so weak that even a hurdle or two enervates this government.
When the total effort should be towards pressurising the neighbouring country to crack down on terrorist camps, our ministers are busy providing them fuel to deny the evidences we have given them.What does ministers like Antuley are aiming to achieve by questioning the circumstances under which ATS chief Mr. Karkare died?

Our brave soldiers lay their lives in the service of country and these politicians are busy insulting their sacrifices.What does one aim to achieve by questioning "the circumstances under which ATS chief Mr. Karkare died" or "the Batla house encounter" where one of Delhi's police most decorated officer Inspector Sharma lost his life.

Enough is Enough.People are all increasingly becoming impatient by the manner in which these events are dragged forever and often gets forgotten.It is time we get rid of the tag of "Soft Nation" and show to the world that our land and people can not be attacked.